Cooking at home with my fantastic kids – Moey and Baldvin

Welcome to my delicious journal. My name is Chef Volundur Volundarson but most of my friends call me Volli. I love food and I love travelling and exploring even more.

After a few troublesome years I found my calling at school at the age of seventeen when my home domestic teacher asked my if I had ever considered becoming a chef. I thought about it and the more I did the more I wanted to explore it. I was very ambitious and poured my heart and soul into cooking. I ventured as far as I could, did the most crazy things I could think of –  with absolutely no fear – just a burning passion for life.

At the age of 24 I got an amazing opportunity to open up a restaurant in the Bahamas and for the next few years I spent every waking hour in perfecting my skill. The Caribbean was a great base for my adventures and still holds a piece of my heart but I ultimately decided to relocate back home to Iceland.

My next journey was into books and TV and in 2006 Delicious Iceland was born. It received Cookbook of the Year by Gourmand World Cookbook Awards and shortly after wards became a TV show that has aired in over 60 countries – and on networks such as the BBC. It was based on my favorite activity which is to cook and explore, something I have been doing since I was a kid growing up in Iceland.

My next major project was Silver of the Sea. A book about all the fish living in Icelandic waters. I got a few of my best friends to help out – which also happened to be the best in their field and together we created a book that was a cook book, an encyclopedia, a coffee table book and so much more…

I´ve also opened up a few restaurants, been a part of incredible projects and been blessed with two amazing children. My wife and I share the same vision. We like do crazy stuff and we´ve been adamant in making our dreams come true. Sometimes we have succeeded greatly and ever so often we fail miserably. But that´s life and I´m lucky enough to be able to enjoy my life, spending precious time with my family and to do what I love the most.

So stay tuned. I try to post on this site and on my Instagram as often as I can.

Thank you for being a part of my journey,

xx Chef Volli

For a week each year we can gather seabird eggs. They are located in the cliffs by the way and yes – I suffer form vertigo.

Walking alone and thinking… just kidding. This was shot for some promo stuff. Can´t remember which one.

A cooking demonstration in Paris.

On the boat with my friend Símon who collects the seaweed for me.

Cooking with the incredible Chrissy Teigen while shooting an UGG commercial here in Iceland.

With my family by the legendery salmon river Laxá í Aðaldal.

Shooting a vegetable commercial with my best man Nunni Konn – an amazing photograper and friend.